In order to address concerns of a difficult transition to 28nm, AMD demonstrated its next-generation 28nm GPU at IDF last month. The demo system featured a mobile variant of the next-gen GPU running DiRT 3. At the time, AMD told us to expect the GPU's release later this year. 

Since then there have been rumors of a delay until 2012, but no official update from AMD. I suspect we'll get something to that effect soon enough, but today AMD let us know that it ran another public demonstration of 28nm GPU silicon - this time in Taiwan. The demo was apparently pretty similar to last time: a mobile 28nm GPU running a game. In this case the game was Dragon Age 2, but obviously there are no performance or power details to accompany the announcement. 

AMD didn't provide any more info nor an update on the GPU's release timeframe. As with any major process transition, scaling to be able to produce mass quantities of chips on a new process can be extremely challenging. The move to 28nm is particularly rough because unlike 40nm, AMD didn't have a pipecleaner part to begin its process learnings on. How this impacted overall development remains to be seen.

Source: AMD

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  • fic2 - Thursday, October 6, 2011 - link

    It's not that we don't want to see AMD product demos it is that we want to see BullDozer released. Any other "news" from AMD is blah. Like I said in an earlier post - it was news when this was demoed last week. It is not news when the same thing is demoed a week later. Gee - it still works, well golly. If they had demoed and released some numbers it might have been news. It is like when the Boeing 787 made it's first flight - that was news. When it made it's 2nd flight it wasn't.
  • dave1231 - Thursday, October 6, 2011 - link

    Looks like there's sticky tape on the GPU whilst the fan is running in the foreground.
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