06:23AM PST - Hello everybody and welcome LG's CES 2018 press conference. We'll be giving key updates on what LG has to say for this year's product lineup!

08:00AM PST - This year we'll be covering the press event remotely, however this means better snapshots for the blog.

08:02AM PST - Big data, IoT, cloud services and mostly artificial intelligence are the main topics of this conference.

08:02AM PST - LG introduces their own AI brand: ThinkQ.

08:03AM PST - LG promises the products will learn from the users and evolve with time.

08:04AM PST - The LG ThinkQ learns your living patterns and adjusts its settings based on them.

08:05AM PST - In cars, ThinkQ will be able to determine your your status, such as if you're tired or drowsy.

08:05AM PST - LG promises to integrate ThinkQ in a variety of products and product portfolios.

08:06AM PST - Washing machines can for example automatically set the proper cycle by detecting the washing load.

08:08AM PST - LG promises openness to its AI ecosystem, with both in-house and third-party solutions.

08:08AM PST - As such open platforms, open partnership will power ThinkQ.

08:09AM PST - Open interoperability with various partners such as Google.

08:10AM PST - LG is participating in the OCF ecosystem and synergy with devices from other vendors.

08:11AM PST - LG promises a fund to kickstart the ecosystem.

08:11AM PST - Google's Scott Huffman is join the LG stage.

08:12AM PST - Building on Google's experience in machine learning.

08:12AM PST - The collaboration started on phones and has continued on all kinds of devices.

08:13AM PST - The LG ThinkQ speaker will integrate the Google Assistant

08:14AM PST - Google is looking forward to implement the Google Assistant in a variety of LG products in the coming year.

08:15AM PST - Promotional video playing right now, showing examples of use-cases with various household appliances.

08:15AM PST - You can now shout at your oven and fridge!

08:16AM PST - Of course privacy and security will be paramount for home connectivity, hopefully LG executes well.

08:17AM PST - David VanderWaal taking the stage with the best question: What's the benefit?

08:17AM PST - All of 2017's home appliances are WiFi enabled.

08:18AM PST - ThinkQ will be implemented in all of LG's 2018 appliances.

08:18AM PST - "Offering the best, most convenient solutions to simplify people's lives"

08:19AM PST - LG CLOi - a cute little interactive robot that talk interacts with you.

08:20AM PST - David asks what's his schedule for his day - going to the gym, ThinkQ sets the sports wear configuration on the washing machine.

08:21AM PST - It takes into account environmental data such as the weather to adjust washing settings.

08:21AM PST - Little slip-up with CLOi on-stage, it didn't respond to David's request.

08:21AM PST - The washer for example talks to the dryer to set the proper cycle setting.

08:23AM PST - Moving onto fridges, NFC tags can tag food ingredients and track their expiration dates.

08:24AM PST - Quite disastrous presentation, the CLOi assistant totally stopped responding to the presenter.

08:25AM PST - The fridge can track your ingredients and present you receipts for cooking, all integrated into the home AI system.

08:26AM PST - LG's proactive service system will connect with LG's service centre and preemptively contact them when it diagnoses that a device is soon to be failing.

08:27AM PST - Another marketing video demonstrating the voice assistant features. Similar to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

08:28AM PST - Home connectivity throughout various home devices, TVs, lights.

08:29AM PST - "Why does a television need AI?"

08:30AM PST - The AI TV can provide contextualised information on content, such as telling you the actors of a given show.

08:31AM PST - Full support with Google Assistant services.

08:32AM PST - Moving to LG's TV product line with product manager Tim Alessi.

08:32AM PST - Taking the best TV ever, and making it better in 2018.

08:33AM PST - LG's OLED are increasingly being used in the movie and grading industry.

08:34AM PST - The new Alpha9 TV SoC enables crucial enhancements for 2018 devices.

08:34AM PST - The new SoC enables better noise reduction algorithms.

08:35AM PST - We now have a increased LUT support as well as better 120fps HFR content.

08:36AM PST - 4K HDR will be a feature for all 2018 TVs

08:36AM PST - Dolby Vision and HDR10 are supported.

08:37AM PST - LG introduces also a proprietary HDR format HLG PRO and HDR10 PRO

08:37AM PST - These include better handling of metadata.

08:38AM PST - NanoCell technology promises to improve high gamut content at better viewing angles.

08:39AM PST - Wider viewing angles usually come at a colour saturation cost, the new TVs vastly reduce the washed out images in these scenarios.

08:41AM PST - LG is now showing off some concept robots implementing "AI" use-cases.

08:44AM PST - I keenly remember similar prototype robots over a decade ago... not sure what LG's angle is here.

08:45AM PST - And that was a wrap for LG's press conference at this year's CES.

08:46AM PST - The take-away is LG's increased efforts in voice assistant implementations throughout various home appliance product lineups in 2018.

08:47AM PST - Machine learning will help augment the experience and LG's ThinkQ AI ecosystem promises to be open and inter-operable with third-parties.

08:47AM PST - Thanks for being with us today!

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  • 0iron - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - link

    The image show ThinQ, while you write ThinkQ nine times. How to pronounce it? Thing, think or think-Q
  • hybrid2d4x4 - Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - link

    There's some real gold in this commentary:
    "08:24AM PST - Quite disastrous presentation, the CLOi assistant totally stopped responding to the presenter."

    "08:17AM PST - All of 2017's home appliances are WiFi enabled.
    08:18AM PST - ThinkQ will be implemented in all of LG's 2018 appliances."

    Wait, what? ALL appliances? Not just those crazy concept/flagship models? Ugh, thanks but no thanks. Are there seriously people out there that respond to this kind of announcement with enthusiasm?
  • ioni - Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - link

    Still nothing on their VR headset? What happened with that?
  • prophet001 - Thursday, January 11, 2018 - link

    This garbage is COMPLETELY unnecessary.

    Buncha namby pambies.
  • sivagumar - Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - link

    This new recognition on smarter products has been pretty clean to peer coming. Following the DeepThinQ statement final year, LG introduced an initiative to consist of wi-fi in its entirety last year line of top rated appliances. LG might be showing off a wide range of products driven by A.I. within the ThinQ sector.
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