06:57PM EDT - Thank you, as always, for joining us for AMD's together we advance_PCs event

06:58PM EDT - We should hopefully get under way on time, in around 30 seconds

07:00PM EDT - And we're about to begin within the next 40 seconds

07:01PM EDT - And we're under way

07:02PM EDT - Welcome to AMD's together we advance_PCs event

07:02PM EDT - Enter AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su

07:03PM EDT - AMD is set to announce four new architectures today...

07:03PM EDT - Starting with Zen 4, based on TSMC 5nm

07:04PM EDT - Pushing the envelope on PC innovation, Zen 4

07:05PM EDT - AMD Ryzen 7000 series, New CPU core design, leadership in performance and efficiency

07:05PM EDT - AMD Zen 4 is first 5 nm desktop processor

07:05PM EDT - With PCIe 5.0, DDR5, (But no DDR4 support, unfortunately)

07:06PM EDT - AMD Ryzen 7000 series, 13% uplift in performance over Zen 3 (5000 Series)

07:06PM EDT - Up to 29% single threaded performance, Up to 5.7 GHz

07:06PM EDT - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, Flagship CPU for Gaming and Content Creators

07:07PM EDT - Some in house performance figures

07:07PM EDT - Ryzen 9 7950X is the 'fastest CPU in the world'

07:08PM EDT - And Lisa runs a V-Ray Render benchmark, Core i9-12900K vs Ryzen 9 7950X, 62% increase in performance

07:08PM EDT - 47% better performance per watt on Ryzen 9 7950X versus Core i9-12900K

07:09PM EDT - Four new CPUs, Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7700X and 7600X

07:10PM EDT - Demoing F1 2022 with the Ryzen 7600X, 11% faster than Core i9-12900K

07:10PM EDT - 5% faster overall on average on Ryzen 7600X

07:11PM EDT - And here comes Mark Papermaster

07:11PM EDT - Zen 4 'disrupted' the industry with efficiency and energy gains

07:12PM EDT - AMD Zen 4 on 5 nm, Ryzen 7000 for Desktop, High Performance processing

07:12PM EDT - Zen 4 delivers again, AMD on fire

07:13PM EDT - Zen 4 brings 13% Core IPC uplift, New front end design, and AVX-512 AI acceleration

07:13PM EDT - Up to 13% Instruction Per Clock performance (IPC)

07:13PM EDT - "We thrive on innovation"

07:14PM EDT - 13% uplift is a 'geomean' of expected performance

07:14PM EDT - When compared directly to Zen 3

07:15PM EDT - 235% IPC gain overall. Core performance focus is relentless

07:15PM EDT - IPC uplift is based at 4.0 GHz fixed frequencies on the core

07:16PM EDT - Increased OP cache by 1.5x

07:16PM EDT - Adding support for AVX-512, bringing Ryzen up to date

07:17PM EDT - Using AVX-512 equals up to 1.3x performance versus Zen 3, in FP32 Inferencing

07:18PM EDT - 5nm is the leading edge process technology

07:18PM EDT - Focusing on performance and efficiency. Zen 4, faster, smaller, using an enhanced metal stack

07:18PM EDT - 15 layer telescoping

07:19PM EDT - 18% reduction in die area when compared to Zen 3, impressive

07:19PM EDT - 62% lower power than 7 nm (5950X)

07:20PM EDT - Significant gains in both performance and efficiency, up to 75% at 65 W TDP

07:20PM EDT - Doubling down

07:20PM EDT - N5 sweet spot is at lower TDPs

07:21PM EDT - AMD Zen 4 + L2 complex is 50% smaller than the competition

07:21PM EDT - 47% more energy efficient versus the competition

07:22PM EDT - Full CPU roadmap through to 2025, Zen 5 on 4mn

07:22PM EDT - Zen 4 with 3D V-Cache coming in first half of 2023 for servers

07:22PM EDT - On track for Zen 5, by the end of 2024

07:23PM EDT - Consistently on schedule, Zen 4 is a testament to solid R+D

07:23PM EDT - Next gen designs well underway, Zen 4 delivers!

07:23PM EDT - "There will be no let up in AMD Innovation"

07:24PM EDT - Thank you Mark Papermaster. Now David McAfee comes on stage

07:24PM EDT - Diving into the platform for Zen 4, the AM5 platform

07:24PM EDT - A quick recap on the AM4 platform. Six years later, still going strong

07:25PM EDT - 125+ processors

07:25PM EDT - 500+ motherboards, 5 CPU archs, one socket

07:25PM EDT - The next frontier of Ryzen motherboards

07:25PM EDT - AM5 platform brings new levels of capability

07:26PM EDT - New LGA1718 socket, Up to 230 W power delivery on the socket

07:26PM EDT - AM5 with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, meets your growing needs for years to come

07:26PM EDT - AM5 works with AM4 coolers

07:27PM EDT - X series boards (X670E/X670), coming in September, Enthusiast, PCIe 5.0

07:27PM EDT - X670E with PCIe 5.0 to PEG slot

07:27PM EDT - B650E chipset, PCIe 5.0 PEG and storage support

07:28PM EDT - PCIe 5.0 doubles the bandwidth

07:28PM EDT - PCIe 5.0 storage devices coming in November

07:29PM EDT - Recapping DDR4 memory, DDR5 with more bandwidth, more capacity

07:29PM EDT - AMD EXPO Technology, Extended profiles for overclocking

07:29PM EDT - One click DDR5 memory overclocking

07:29PM EDT - Lower latency (down to 63ns)

07:30PM EDT - Over 15 kits supporting AMD EXPO at launch, up to DDR5-6400

07:30PM EDT - AM5 motherboards starting from $125 USD

07:30PM EDT - Supporting AM4 until 2025

07:31PM EDT - Welcome back Dr. Lisa Su

07:31PM EDT - 11% faster ST performance versus 12900K

07:31PM EDT - Ryzen 9 7960X for $699

07:32PM EDT - Ryzen 9 7900X $549

07:32PM EDT - Ryzen 7 7700X for $399, and 7600X for $299. All available September 27th

07:32PM EDT - Now onto graphics, RDNA 3,

07:33PM EDT - First look at RDNA 3 worldwidr

07:33PM EDT - Combining next-gen architecture with 5nm chipset technology

07:33PM EDT - 50% more PPW than current gen

07:33PM EDT - Launching later this year

07:34PM EDT - Recapping Ryzen 7000, Moving AMD through to 2025 and beyond!

07:34PM EDT - (The live demo of RDNA 3 was on Lives of Free, a new title coming)

07:35PM EDT - And that concludes AMD's we advance_PCs event

07:36PM EDT - A quick recap on pricing for Ryzen 7000

07:37PM EDT - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, $699, Ryzen 9 7900X, $549, Ryzen 7 7700X, $399, and Ryzen 5 7600X, $299. All coming September 27th

07:37PM EDT - Thanks for joining us for AMD's together we advance_PCs event

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  • nandnandnand - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    Graphics aren't that much of a moving target. They are held back by the consoles periodically for several years straight. AMD APUs should beat at least the Xbox Series S soon, good enough for 1080p which is what most people are using anyways.
  • Fallen Kell - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    You don't need to have soldered/ball connections for the CPU in order for GDDR memory. AMD has had CPUs sockets with high enough pin counts to handle the additional pins needed for the difference of DDR vs GDDR (AMD socket AM5 is a 1718 pin socket, but they have made sockets with 4094 pins (socket sTRX4)).
  • meacupla - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    I also appreciate faster AMD desktop APUs, but I think you will be waiting awhile longer for a desktop APU that runs as fast as a PS5.
    DDR5 on modular sticks is just not as fast as GDDR6 soldered as close as possible to the GPU.
    There are also some special tricks AMD uses in PS5 chips to minimize unnecessary transferring of files loaded onto the RAM.

    Where as desktop APUs have none of that.
    I think you would have to wait for a single board PC using UCIe APU to even come close.
  • erotomania - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    5600G CPU part is very very fast, and fantastic ovcerclocker. GPU part is very very slow. 720p Low still painful.
  • nandnandnand - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    Rembrandt, Phoenix Point, and Strix Point are coming, to mobile at least, some to desktop.

    A desktop Rembrandt with the GPU clocked at 2.6 GHz might be around an Xbox Series S.

    Then you will see no less than a +50% gain from Phoenix Point, and some kind of gain from Strix Point.
  • name99 - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    big.LITTLE -- but for GPUs

  • gruffi - Thursday, September 1, 2022 - link

    No, thanks. Big.LITTLE is garbage in all devices larger than a tablet.
  • Glaurung - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    Oh please. Integrated graphics are extremely useful, even for gamers. Scenario: Your computer no longer outputs any video. Is your graphics card fried, or is it the motherboard? If the board comes with integrated graphics, you can find out which. You can also continue to use the computer for day to day tasks while you're waiting for the replacement GPU to arrive.
  • nandnandnand - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    Your comment is cringe. The iGPU added to Raphael is absolutely minuscule in size and makes the CPUs viable for office and HTPC use with no GPU, and allows them to be tested without a GPU. Not only is the iGPU on the I/O die, but the I/O die is not even on the same 5nm node as the core dies. It's budget 6nm silicon.
  • Silver5urfer - Monday, August 29, 2022 - link

    AMD has to prove BIOS and Firmware (will take time but it would be reassuring if AMD does mention anything). Plus I'm curious to know their IOD improvements, esp the DRAM / IF and the Stability. Then the major one is how the CPU -> PCH link is being handled, I read on TPU that PCH link speed is not 5.0 but rather 4.0, that's not good.

    As for main Zen 4 core, well we know most of it anyways, the only thing left is how it stacks up with the Intel and older Zen.

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