The 2010 Google I/O Developer Conference saw Google's moves in the consumer space, away from its Internet search stronghold.

Android had always been gaining momentum, and the good reception that was accorded to Froyo was always on the cards. We will cover Froyo in a separate article after evaluating it when it is pushed to our Nexus Ones.

With its VP8 open sourcing, Google has managed to open up a can of worms. It is a great thing for consumers in the short run. In the longer term, we feel it wouldn't be of any benefit to consumers to have both VP8 and H264 codecs for different applications.

Google TV, as a software platform, is a laudable initiative. We hope it will get open sourced soon, as an Android port on the x86 platform has innumerable possibilities. On the hardware side, as a dedicated set-top box, things don't look that rosy. Fortunately, Google doesn't have much to lose in that perspective, as long as Google TV manages to reach the television in some form or the other. In this scenario, the open sourcing would create ports for the HTPC. Google would also do well to tie up with other TV manufacturers and TV programming providers (such as Comcast / DirecTV) to bring Google TV on their sets and STBs.

Google TV: Will it Succeed?
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  • Wolfpup - Monday, June 7, 2010 - link

    Huh...I'm very surprised that Sony's partnering with Google for this. I like Sony, and frankly don't like gimicky stuff in my electronics, but they're usually slower in including random extra stuff. Google TV actually sounds kind of neat, and it's a pleasant surprise that it's being included in hardware I'd actually consider buying, rather than from Funyaoje or whatever random company. I'll be curious as to what it actually does, but if it's useful enough I could actually see myself buying another Sony Blu Ray player with it, and I've NEVER said that about one of these extra services bundled on players before.
  • mike87d - Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - link

    I'm looking forward to the session on Google TV (as an owner of a Google TV companion box). I bought the Logitech Revue from my employer, DISH Network, for $179 and love the ability I now have to do one search and find whatever I want to watch whether it's on my DVR, on Amazon/Netflix VOD, Youtube or somewhere else on the web. There really is no other device out there like it and so I, of course, want to see it grow. Quite literally the best purchase I made in all of 2010.

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