Today Huawei is announcing a refresh of its popular MateBook X Pro laptop line, upgrading the internals to the newest Intel Comet Lake CPUs as well as introducing new colours, as well as officially launching the new MateBook D line in western markets with configuration options such as AMD's Ryzen 5 3500U CPU.

MateBook X Pro - 2020 Edition

Starting off with the new MateBook X Pro (New Edition) – it’s a refresh of the similarly named MateBook X Pro that we reviewed last year with some glowing marks in terms of product value. The Ultrabook changes very little externally, although Huawei has now introduced a new green colour option alongside its “space grey” and “mystic silver” variations.

Huawei Matebook X Pro (New Edition)
  Core i7
With MX 150
Core i7
Without MX 150
Processor CPU Intel Core i7-10510U Intel Core i7-10510U
Cores Quad Core with HT Quad Core with HT
Base Freq 1.8 GHz 1.8 GHz
Turbo Freq 4.9 GHz 4.9 GHz
L3 Cache 8 MB 8 MB
TDP PL1 = 15W PL1 = 15W
Graphics NVIDIA MX150
384 CUDA Cores
~30W TDP
Intel HD 630
24 EUs
300-1100 MHz
Display 13.9-inch 3000x2000 LTPS
100% sRGB
450 nits
1500:1 contrast ratio
Storage ? ?
Wireless ??
Connectivity 1 x Type-C (Power and Data)
1 x TB3 (Power and Data)
1 x Type-A
3.5mm TRRS
Camera Spring Latch
Battery 57.4 Wh
Dimensions H x W x D 304 x 217 x 14.6 mm
Mass ~1.33 kg < 1.33 kg
Price ? Euro ? Euro

Specification wise- the big upgrade for the new edition model is the transition to a new Intel Core-i7-10510U processor with four hyperthreading enabled core, boosting up to clock speeds of 4.9GHz. Huawei hadn’t disclosed the cTDP that it configures the units with, but given the same chassis design to the previous MateBook X Pro, we expect a similar 15W setup.

The device will continue to be offered with an MX150 discrete graphics card as an option, however we’ve been told that this configuration will see limited market availability – for example in the UK market this option won’t be offered as the integrated graphics variant of the laptop had seen significantly more success in its predecessor.

Design wise, we continue to see the same sleek 13.9” design that we found on the previous generation, featuring a 3:2 3000 x 2000 screen that greatly impressed us and which should see a continuation in the new model.

Pricing and availability to be added shortly after Huawei’s press conference this Monday. The previous generation could be had for $1499 / 1899€ with the higher configured MX150 discrete graphics option, and $1199 / 1499€ for the lower configured option.

MateBook D 14 & 15 with Intel Comet Lake & AMD Ryzen 3000 Mobile

The MateBook D 14 and MateBook D 15 aren’t exactly new devices as they had been launched in China back in November, but now Huawei is officially launching the new laptops in western markets.

The devices represent lower cost alternatives to the MateBook X Pro, employing a somewhat less refined chassis and not quite as good display, but still retaining some key Huawei features such as the fingerprint scanner power button or the pop-up key camera.

Huawei's 2019 MateBook D
  MateBook D 14 MateBook D 15
Display 14-inch 1920×1080 15.6-inch 1920×1080
CPU Intel Core i5-10210U
Intel Core i7-10510U
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX 250
Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
SSD 512GB 256GB/512GB + (HDD)
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5
USB 2 × USB 2.0 Type-A
1 × USB 3.0 Type-A
1 × USB 3.0 Type-C
GbE -
Card Reader -
Other I/O HDMI, microphone, stereo speakers, audio jack
Battery 56 Wh 42 Wh
Dimensions Width: 322.5 mm
Depth: 214.8 mm
Thickness: 15.9 mm
Width: 357.8 mm
Depth: 229.9 mm
Thickness: 16.9 mm
Weight 1.38 kilograms 1.62 kilograms
Additional Information Link Link
Price R5+8GB+512GB: 699€
R7+8GB+512GB: 799€

i5+8GB+512GB+MX250: 949€
R5+8GB+256GB: 649€
R7+8GB+512GB: 799€

+1TB+MX250: 949€

The MateBook D series comes in two variants: the 14” aptly named D 14, and the 15.6” D 15. The key difference to the higher-end X Pro series is that the D series come with a lower end 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. Quality-wise, in our hands-on with the laptops we found the screen to hold up extremely well compared to the X Pro’s panel, although Huawei does say that it doesn’t get nearly as bright as it only peaks at 250nits brightness.

The MateBook D 15 has the odd configuration choice of also coming with a HDD for storage, in addition to the standard SSD. This does result in less internal space for the battery, with the 15” variant only sporting a 42Wh battery whilst the smaller 14” unit is able to house a 56Wh battery.

In terms of processor options, we couldn’t quite confirm the configurations that will be available to western markets, but part of the line-up is again the new Intel Core-i7-10510U as well as the option to get the laptop in an AMD variant sporting the Ryzen 5 3500U.

Exact pricing and availability to be confirmed following Monday’s press conference.

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  • Tabalan - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    Wait, MX150 in X series? Is it some kind od joke? I mean, Nvidia recently announced/launched MX 300 series. D series also with old Ryzen mobile 3000 and MX250.
  • jeremyshaw - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    My guess: Huawei stockpiled MX150s to the moon, and now has a lot of older SKUs.

    Wait, MX250 in the D?

    Maybe they don't want to change the SKU name.
  • ongco - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    it's actually MX250, too bad they haven't start using MX350 yet
  • ingwe - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    Looks beautiful. Probably will be too expensive for me though. Also do you have the euros and dollars switched?
  • vladx - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    Is the MX 150 actually better than Intel's 9 gen iGPU?
  • mczak - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    It is, by a factor of 2 or so.
    (Note that MX150 == MX250 == MX330, though it's surprising they are using an "old" model indeed. The only exception in that equation would be potentially the MX150 which was allowed to come with either ddr3 or gddr5 memory, hence lowering performance to around gen9 igp level in the former case - but Huawei states it's using the gddr5 version anyway.)
  • Retycint - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    Yes. In some games (Fortnite, for instance) it's something like 30fps for Intel vs 50fps for Nvidia. Think the average is around 30% faster for the Nvidia.
  • vladx - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    How does it compare with newest iteration MX 330?
  • GreenReaper - Monday, February 24, 2020 - link

    What is the "R7+8GB+512GB" price for the MateBook D? It would suggest to me Ryzen 7 (especially as it has no MX with it), but that isn't listed as a processor option (but the i7 is, and has no price line)
  • Brad331 - Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - link

    MX150 is a typo. Huawei website says MX250.

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