The App Store installer for OS X 10.7 Lion was updated to version 10.7.1 today, confirming that Apple will be keeping the installer up to date as new point releases for Lion are rolled out. 

This is minor news, so we won't dwell on it for long: it's mostly interesting because it shows Apple taking advantage of its new digital distribution system to do things it wasn't doing with its physical media. Past versions of OS X have only had their retail install media updated once or twice throughout their lives, ensuring that users would always have one or two rounds of sometimes-large updates to pull down after the install was complete. 

OS X 10.7.1, which was released last week, includes a handful of minor fixes to the operating system. 10.7.2, the next update, is currently being tested by developers and will introduce iCloud features to Lion when it is released this fall.

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  • MGSsancho - Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - link

    Perfect length, straight to the point with a little commentary for a minor announcement :)
  • Andrew.a.cunningham - Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - link

    Thanks! That's the goal. :-)

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