If you're a lucky owner of a Nexus S, Google's second flagship device that launched in December, chances are that you're well aware of the rather nagging voice search bug. Users have complained about voice search getting activated automatically in apps, which occasionally made the phone completely unusable.

Well today, Google has finally issued an incremental update to fix the issue, bringing the candy-flavored operating system to version 2.3.6. Google has started rolling this out as an OTA update and according to this thread over at Google, some people over in Canada have had the update pushed to them already, so I'd reckon the wait shouldn't be too long.

Of course what most Android users are waiting for is the next iteration of the OS dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich” which should finally bring a consistent UI across devices regardless of screen size when it launches sometime in Q4 2011. Till then however, this bug-squashing update should keep users quite happy.

Source: GSMArena

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