02:20PM EDT - Thanks for reading, everyone

02:20PM EDT - And we're done here. Heading over for hands-on time

02:19PM EDT - Thanking the hardware and software teams

02:18PM EDT - Products that are great apart or used together, taking advantage of being the hardware and OS designer

02:17PM EDT - Tim's back to summarize things

02:17PM EDT - R9 M295X is new; have not seen it before

02:17PM EDT - R9 M290X is Pitcairn. Comparable to Radeon HD 7870

02:16PM EDT - $499

02:15PM EDT - Haswell with GT3 graphics. PCIe flash storage

02:14PM EDT - Mac Mini is finally getting an update

02:14PM EDT - Shipping today

02:14PM EDT - Still no SSD standard

02:13PM EDT - Starts at $2499

02:13PM EDT - Thunderbolt 2 also present

02:13PM EDT - GPUs are AMD Radeon R9 M290 and M295

02:12PM EDT - CPUs are Intel

02:12PM EDT - DisplayPort technically doesn't have enough bandwidth over a single link

02:12PM EDT - That said it's not clear if Apple is using multiple tiles here or not

02:11PM EDT - We only now have single tile 4K TCONs, never mind 5K

02:11PM EDT - TCONs have been an issue for HiDP dispkays since they first reached the desktop

02:10PM EDT - This is very likely to be the same panel as in the recently announced Dell 5K monitor: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8496/dell-previews-27inch-5k-ultrasharp-monitor-5120x2880

02:09PM EDT - Video time again

02:08PM EDT - Reduced power consumption and improved off-axis contrast as well

02:07PM EDT - Apple made their own Timing Controller (TCON) for this iMac

02:07PM EDT - Comparing pixel counts to other kinds of devices. TVs, movies, etc

02:06PM EDT - Calling it the "Retina 5K Display"

02:06PM EDT - 27". 5120x2880 pixels. 14.7Mpixels

02:05PM EDT - iMac with Retina Display

02:04PM EDT - Time for a video

02:04PM EDT - Retina Display discussion

02:04PM EDT - Recapping Mac division successes so far

02:03PM EDT - Switching gears to the Mac

02:02PM EDT - Shipping next week

02:02PM EDT - Pre-orders open tomorrow

02:02PM EDT - Apple has never offered so many models before

02:02PM EDT - iPad Mini, Mini 2, and Air (1) are going to continue to be sold at lower prices

02:01PM EDT - Also being announced is iPad Mini 3

02:01PM EDT - Pricing: $499/$599/$699 for 16GB/64GB/128GB Wifi

01:59PM EDT - Phil is back for the recap

01:58PM EDT - Metal was deisnged for compute as well as graphics, so it's cool to see it being used for compute

01:57PM EDT - GPU compute: Replay uses Metal API to do computer vision

01:56PM EDT - More CPU cores? More GPU cores? More cache? Different ISP?

01:56PM EDT - I'm really curious where those extra billion transistors went

01:55PM EDT - Pixelmator is 2x faster on iPad AIr 2

01:53PM EDT - First up: Pixelmator

01:53PM EDT - App demo time

01:53PM EDT - Ships with iOS 8.1

01:53PM EDT - This means you can use Apple Pay on the iPad Air 2, specifically for online shopping

01:52PM EDT - Finally on iPad: TouchID

01:51PM EDT - New LTE chip; faster with more bands. Likely the same out of iPhone 6

01:51PM EDT - Front camera: single shot HDR

01:51PM EDT - And dual microphones to go with those videos

01:50PM EDT - Can also do slow mo 120fps recording

01:49PM EDT - Can now do burst mode and time lapse

01:49PM EDT - 43MP panorams

01:48PM EDT - Now demonstrating the new camera wth untouched photos

01:48PM EDT - New 8MP iSight camera

01:47PM EDT - Now discussing iPad camera

01:46PM EDT - 10 hour battery life

01:46PM EDT - Significantly more transistors than A8. ~3B vs. ~2B

01:45PM EDT - Performance comparisons are against A7 in iPad Air (1)

01:45PM EDT - SoC: A8X

01:44PM EDT - 56% lower reflectivity

01:44PM EDT - And a new anti-reflective coating

01:44PM EDT - Optical bonding fo screen to reduce thickness

01:43PM EDT - 18% thinner.World's thinnest tablet

01:42PM EDT - 6.1mm thin

01:42PM EDT - Phil Schiller now on stage

01:41PM EDT - iPad Air 2

01:41PM EDT - We're about to find out

01:41PM EDT - When you make the best tablet in he world, how do you make it better?

01:39PM EDT - High consumer satisfaction for both iPad models

01:39PM EDT - Comparing it to PC sales, though price differences make that a stretch

01:38PM EDT - 225 Million iPads sold

01:37PM EDT - Recapping the advancement of iPad so far. New technologies, new uses

01:36PM EDT - iPad

01:36PM EDT - Back to Tim

01:35PM EDT - iWork: Today, update is free

01:35PM EDT - 8.1: Monday

01:35PM EDT - Yosemite: out today

01:35PM EDT - With controls via an Apple Watcb

01:34PM EDT - Using Continuity to play it off of an Apple TV

01:34PM EDT - Cut to a recorded skit about ecrecy at Apple

01:33PM EDT - And done

01:32PM EDT - Last minute zinger about the Apple Watch not being out

01:32PM EDT - Bantering back and forth about Stephen's "title" as Chief of Secrecy at Apple

01:31PM EDT - Stephen the character, not the individual

01:30PM EDT - Calling up Stephen Colbert

01:29PM EDT - Apple is very mindful of their situation Their theme: a humorous take on stopping leaks

01:28PM EDT - Showcasing how he's able to use the iPad and iPhone together via Continuity

01:26PM EDT - Continuity demo on stage

01:25PM EDT - And of course Continuity

01:25PM EDT - iCloud for syncing data, AirDrop, AirPlay

01:24PM EDT - Now on to how the two OSes work together

01:23PM EDT - iWork updates coming in Yosemite as well

01:22PM EDT - Safari should bring better battery life through lower CPU usage

01:20PM EDT - Largely a recap of what Apple first annonced back at WWDC 2014

01:20PM EDT - Switching gears to Yosemite

01:20PM EDT - Photos synced across all devices using iCloud

01:19PM EDT - Camera roll will be back, along with a new feature called iCloud Photo Library

01:19PM EDT - Apple says they have been listening to user feedback on iOS 8

01:18PM EDT - Up now: iOS 8.1

01:17PM EDT - Swift apps are already showing up in the App Store

01:16PM EDT - Now the benefts of new APIs such as HealthKit and Metal

01:15PM EDT - Apple has seen quick adoption of iOS 8 extension and sharing features

01:13PM EDT - Though other ources indicate it's lower thna iOS 7

01:13PM EDT - Touting iOS 8 adoption rate

01:11PM EDT - First up: operating system news. iOS 8 and Yosemite

01:11PM EDT - Now on to the new announements

01:11PM EDT - Confirming availability of Apple Watch next year

01:10PM EDT - New SDK for Apple Watch: WatchKit

01:09PM EDT - Now on to Apple Watch

01:08PM EDT - Apple Pay launches on Monday

01:07PM EDT - Well supported; have lined up even more banks and retailers

01:06PM EDT - Up next: Apple Pay

01:06PM EDT - "Biggest iPhone launch ever"

01:06PM EDT - Launching today: China

01:05PM EDT - Greatest first month iPhone sales ever

01:04PM EDT - Tim is recaping the launch of the iPhone 6, the critical response, and the high sales volume

01:03PM EDT - And right on cue

01:03PM EDT - Tim Cook has been spotted walking in and is expected to speak

01:02PM EDT - Preview video to warm up the crowd

01:01PM EDT - Here we go

01:01PM EDT - For the iMac, HiDPI panels are a good bet, as those are now regularly available in stand-alone displays

01:00PM EDT - For the iPad Apple of course has their new A8 SoC

12:59PM EDT - We're expecting news on the iPad and iMac, especially in light of Apple's own accidental manual release yesterday

12:59PM EDT - The presentation should kick off in a few minutes

12:58PM EDT - We're here at Apple's October 2014 event

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  • caleblloyd - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Glad to see you guys made it to this one! This way we can get reliable information if Apple has as many streaming issues as they did last month. It'd be nice if you'd announce the live blog a couple days before on the pipeline.
  • doggghouse - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Wonder what's new on the iPad... guessing it'll be another very small iteration (new processor, new OS, new number after it).
  • caleblloyd - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    I can't wait to see the A8X (or whatever they end up calling it) go head-to-head with the Tegra K1 Denver on the Nexus 9
  • FATCamaro - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    At this stage, It is about the software. Apple has had class leading CPUs or GPUs (sometimes both!) for a long time now.
  • caleblloyd - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Tegra K1 Denver has binary translation + code optimization/morphing. It's brand new microarchitecture, not just another revision of the same uarch like A8 is of A7.
  • kron123456789 - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    But there is still one question: how much RAM iPad Air 2 has? 1GB or 2GB?
  • WinterCharm - Friday, October 17, 2014 - link

    2GB. Leaks confirmed this.
  • Midwayman - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    The trouble the nexus 9 will have is finding anything that really takes advantage of the massive GPU. At least you can count on people writing stuff to the new ipad specs.
  • KoolAidMan1 - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    This has always been the issue. Developers actually use the specs of iOS tablets for apps and games. Its much harder to find the same on Android tablets, and what little is there is almost always a port.

    The Tegra K1 is very good but the platform is still waiting on games that iOS has had for months or years.
  • edsib1 - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Who plays games on a tablet anyway? - to play proper games u need a controller - touch screen is not repsonsive enough or is awkward to use.

    Something like a 3DS or a Vita is much better.

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