Fabs are well-known for being an expensive business to be in, so any time a new fab is slated for construction, it tends to be a big deal – especially amidst the current chip crunch. To that end, TSMC this week has announced plans to build a new, semi-specialized fab in Japan to meet the needs of its local customers. The semiconductor manufacturing facility will focus on mature and specialty fabrication technologies that are used to make chips with long lifecycles for automakers and consumer electronics. The fab will be Japan's most advanced fab for logic when it becomes operational in late 2024 and if the rumors about planned investments are correct, it could also be Japan's largest fab for logic chips. "After conducting due...

AMD Shows Off Mobility Radeon HD 7000

Thanks X-bit labs for the image Intel's Developer Forum and Microsoft's BUILD conference are both underway but to not make this week any quieter, AMD is also having their own...

8 by Kristian Vättö on 9/14/2011

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