After the Computex Keynote today on stage, where AMD revealed its new Ryzen family of processors coming on 7/7, we had a chance to speak with AMD’s SVP and GM of the Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Group, Forrest Norrod. Specifically, we asked him about the ‘Road to Rome’, which AMD stated will be coming in Q3 this year. We have a full transcription of the interview planned, but a couple of key points came out of our discussion. First, Forrest revealed/confirmed the name of the Zen 4 based EPYC processor that will go beyond Rome and Milan. That name is Genoa, which is follows the Italian naming pattern. Forrest also said that the Zen 5 product follows that pattern, but failed to elaborate what that...

US Dept. of Energy Announces Frontier Supercomputer: Cray and AMD to Build 1.5 Exaflop Machine

The history of the computing industry is one of constant progress. Processors get faster, storage gets cheaper, and memory gets denser. We see the repercussions of this advancement through...

77 by Ryan Smith on 5/7/2019

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