Google IO 2015

Today at Google IO, Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP) group went over some of the things that they’ve worked on in the year since the previous IO. There are a few different things that they’ve worked on, but the most immediate and important announcements were centered on technologies to enable wearable technologies. These two announcements were Project Soli and Jacquard, both focused on solving the challenges involved with input on wearables. Although wearables are on the market today, one of the biggest problems with Android Wear and most wearables in general is that an almost purely touch-based interface means that almost any touch target has to take up a huge part of the display in order to make sure that it’s possible to...

Google Announces Project Brillo and Weave for IoT

As part of today's announcements at I/O 2015, Google announced a new operating system and API targeted at the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space. Starting off with the new OS, under the...

10 by Andrei Frumusanu on 5/28/2015

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