Today GIGABYTE Server (the server arm of GIGABYTE, a different BU to the motherboard team) has lifted the lid on their new MA10-ST0 motherboard and SoC combination, aimed squarely at the cold storage or edge storage market. This includes base support for up to 16 SATA drives via SFF8087, a PCIe x8 slot, 10 gigabit Ethernet via two SFP+ ports, and server management features via the Aspeed AST2400. For server/enterprise features, a TPM header and a COM header are also present. The interesting twist in this tale, however, is the SoC at the heart of the unit. GIGABYTE Server has announced they are using the C3958 SoC, listed as a 16-core part at 31W TDP and supporting DDR4-2400. The C3000 series is known as the...

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