Sure View

Physical privacy is becoming a key point of concern among many people and organizations, which is why hardware makers are addressing concerns of their customers by incorporating various technologies into their products. To that end, next month HP will start selling its EliteDisplay E243p Sure View Monitor that, as the name suggests, features the company’s on/off Sure View privacy screen tech. Aimed at corporate environments, offices, and public services where shoulder surfing is a practical risk, the EliteDisplay E243p Sure View monitor's primary selling point is the integrated, user-controllable Sure View privacy screen. Designed to deter off-angle viewing, the privacy screen relies on HP’s proprietary technologies as well as 3M’s optical films. Once Sure View is activated, the display reduces its brightness to 180 nits...

HP Announces EliteBook Laptops with On/Off Sure View Privacy Screens

On Thursday, HP introduced adjustable privacy screens for the EliteBook 840 as well as the EliteBook 1040 notebooks. These are aimed at business users concerned about visual hacking and...

43 by Anton Shilov on 8/26/2016

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