Vengeance LED

Corsair has introduced its Vengeance LED family of memory modules designed for enthusiasts of high-performance PCs and modders. The fresh range of Corsair’s memory combines new design featuring LED lighting with high capacities as well as increased data-rates. Initially, the Vengeance LED DDR4 DIMMs will be available with data-rates up to 3466 MT/s, but in the near future the company promises to add DRAM sticks with speeds up to 4333 MT/s. Each Corsair Vengeance LED unbuffered memory module is based on a custom 10-layer PCB as well as pre-binned DRAM chips that can run at data-rates well beyond 2133 MT/s and 2400 MT/s officially supported by today’s CPUs. The modules are equipped with aluminum heat spreaders featuring red or white lighting to complement design of...

Corsair Announces Dominator Platinum Special Edition and Vengeance LED Memory Modules

In the last 10 years, Corsair has greatly expanded its product lineup and nowadays it produces virtually the whole range of hardware and accessories for enthusiasts with the exception...

16 by Anton Shilov on 6/1/2016

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