X570 Taichi

ASRock and Razer have today announced a product collaboration. Two of ASRock's premium models for AM4 are being updated with Razer styling and Razer Chroma connectivity: the X570 and B550 Taichi Razer Edition. Built upon the popular Taichi series, both of the new Razer Edition variants include a 16-phase power delivery, with official support and compatibility with Razer's Chroma RGB ecosystem. Whenever Razer does a collaboration with any company in the hardware industry, it gets people excited and talking. One of the most prominent brands globally with its green inspired peripheral range, as well as its various wacky ideas such as an RGB gaming toaster; I can't ever be as excited for a toaster as much as the Chroma Edition. The ASRock X570 Taichi Razer Edition...

In The Lab: ASRock Radeon RX 5700 XT Taichi X 8G OC+ Graphics Card

Since AMD unveiled its products on the 7 nm process node, we've seen numerous CPU launches and announcements with the Ryzen 3000 series of processors. Not only processors but...

15 by Gavin Bonshor on 12/23/2019

ASRock Unveils New X570 Taichi: Wi-Fi 6 and DDR4-4666 Support

Highly competitive motherboard manufacturer ASRock revealed its X570 motherboard line-up ahead of the Ryzen 3000 series processors launch. Its 13th iteration of the Taichi design, the ASRock X570 Taichi...

26 by Gavin Bonshor on 5/30/2019

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