The recent discussions at AnandTech have been about the latest updates in desktop computing. We recently went live with our Ryzen 2000-series review of all four processors, and our subsequent follow up with regards how operating systems like Windows rely on timers of different accuracy to account for time passing. In this podcast we cover the details of both topics, and then discuss how Intel's 'Core with Radeon RX Vega' is not a true Vega chip, but is actually built on AMD's Polaris architecture. Finally, we comment on Intel's recent hires from AMD's staff, as well as a new generation of power supply components.

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 46:


Ian Cutress, Host
Senior Editor
Ryan Smith

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Total Time:  1 hour 11 minutes 52 seconds

Outline mm:ss

00:00 Introduction
01:34 Ryzen 2nd Generation (Ryzen 2000 Series)
20:28 Ryzen 2nd Generation Timer/HPET Situation
41:46 Intel Kaby Lake G's Vega M: Not True Vega
54:25 Intel Hires Jim Keller and Chris Hook
62:47 Corsair AX1600I 1600 W Power Supply
71:52 FIN

Edited by Gavin Bonshor

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  • HStewart - Thursday, May 10, 2018 - link

    I listen to part on XPS 15 2in1 and have one because I was interested in EMIB process - and it appears that the primary purpose Intel had for increase enough performance on discrete graphics and HDM2 memory integration. I think with where XPS 15 is currently marketed at - it good fit.

    I see two important factors here

    1. There are rumors that Intel's next generation graphics Artic Sound will be announce at 2019 CES - this is from wccftech - so reliability may be factor - but it pretty sure 100% to be on EMIB. I believe the next generation of this 870x product will be Artic sound and not AMD

    2. Apple possibilities with this chip - can not be over looked - especially with Intel Recent hires

    One issue I cam concern with my XPS 15 2in1 is compatibility with software - I attempted to try Steam VR and it did not detected the GPU and only used iGPU. Another issue is software for Cyberlink to check for compatibility with 4k HDR Blu-ray and the XPS does not have 10 bit color support.

    Important for me I was able to get Photoshop CS5, Lightwave 2018, Vue 2016 and other graphics application on it. Primary issue is font and 4k screen with CS5 - resolved. I am impressed with this 2in1 portability and power. I did notice new normal XPS 15 and I think I like this one better because it has two Thunderbolt 3 instead of 1 on new XPS. 2in1 is awesome to have.
  • kkilobyte - Friday, May 11, 2018 - link

    What about finishing your past articles before making such podcasts?
    It has been close to a month now that we are waiting for the X470 chipset details in the article about the new Ryzens, and still nothing. There are still no conclusions about those Ryzen in the article either.

    I understand that it takes time to rerun all the benchmarks, but ithas been two weeks since the HPET article, and the X470 details are unrelated to that issue anyway.

    Is typing not sexy enough compared to making videos?
  • luisantoniodias - Thursday, May 31, 2018 - link

    Excellent podcast gentlemen, I'm looking forward to the next black friday to set up a new Ryzen based setup, hoping for the prices to be inviting.

    Best regards!

    Luis Antônio Dias
  • louis121 - Monday, September 10, 2018 - link

    here is a problem with this podcast episode in Pocket Casts and it cannot be downloaded. Can you please look into this
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