This week saw the launch of NVIDIA's latest and greatest single GPU consumer graphics card, the GeForce Titan. Priced at a cool grand ($1000), the Titan isn't the sort of video card that every hobbyist and gamer can buy on a whim. Instead, NVIDIA is positioning it as an entry-level compute card (e.g. it's about one third the price of a Tesla K20), or an ultra-high-end gaming card for those who simply must have the best. We expect to see quite a few boutiques selling systems equipped with Titan, and indeed we've seen press releases from all the usual suspects.

This is as good a place as any to list those, so here's a short list, with estimated pricing based on a custom configured PC at each vendor. (I'm sure there are other vendors selling Titan as well; this is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list.)

  • AVADirect includes Titan as an option in many of their custom desktop systems, with a price of $1067 per GPU.
  • Falcon Northwest has Titan available in their SFF Tiki that Anand previewed this week, as well as their full desktop Talon and Mach V desktops. Titan adds $1095 per GPU to the cost of a FNW system.
  • iBUYPOWER currently has the Titan in their Revolt SFF, which Dustin recently reviewed. Pricing is $1111 per GPU, because that's such a cool number I guess. Titan is also available in their custom configured desktops
  • Maingear has a variety of desktop systems now available for configuration with Titan, with the GPUs adding $1090 each to the cost of the system.
  • OriginPC has both Genesis and Chronos systems with Titan; Ryan previewed the Genesis earlier this week while the Chronos goes after the SFF market. They appear to be charging $1156 per Titan GPU, but they're also one of the first (if not the only) vendor with liquid-cooled Titan availabe.

Obviously that's a higher cost per GPU at every one of the above vendors, and if you've already got a fast system you probably aren't looking to upgrade to a completely new PC. For those looking to buy a Titan GPU on it's own, Newegg is now listing a pre-order of the ASUS Titan at the $999 MSRP. The current release date is listed as February 28, so next Thursday. We expect EVGA and some other GPU vendors to also show up some time in the next week, and we'll update this list as appropriate.

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  • FaaR - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - link

    Pre-order, huh? For a video card, seriously... Someone's sure riding the hype-train for all its worth...

    At least offer some Team Fortress hats or other items for placing an order. What would that be though? A chaingun for Heavy that looks like a GPU blower cooler maybe?

    I don't know what startles me most about Nvidia's arrogance, that they're charging $1000 for a video card in the first place, or that they're charging $1000 for a video card with a partially crippled GPU on it.
  • clickonflick - Thursday, March 7, 2013 - link

    i agree that the price of this GPU is really high , one could easily assemble a fully mainstream laptop online with dell at this price tag or a desktop, but for gamers, to whom performance is above price. then it is a boon for them

    for more pics check this out


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