Modular PC

LAS VEGAS, NV - iBuyPower has unveiled a couple of new items at CES 2018 this year including its cool looking Snowbird case side panel, new LED cables ties, and also 'Project Case Builder'. Project Case Builder is an internal modular case for customers when buying a pre-built system, and is designed to be useful to customers with special requests, or eSports teams who would like full customization of their chassis. Over the years, we have seen a lot of new devices and technology allowing people to upgrade their PCs components. But when talking about cases, outside of swapping a panel here or there, the case is pretty much a static entity in the system. Only one major chassis manufacturer has decided to go above...

Razer’s Project Christine: A Modular PC Prototype

It’s my last CES post (finally, I know), but I saved one of the more innovative ideas for the end. Coming courtesy of Razer, Project Christine ran away from...

68 by Jarred Walton on 1/22/2014

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