In today's review, we are taking a look at a tiny beast, the FSP Dagger Pro 850W power supply. Although reduced to standard SFX proportions and forced to use a low-profile 92 mm fan, FSP's engineers managed to pull 850 Watts out of this miniature power plant.

Sparkle Announces $200-$250 1000W-1250W Power Supplies

In terms of power supplies, it can sometimes become astounding at how much a company will charge for a unit, and whether it is valid, in terms of features...

25 by Ian Cutress on 5/12/2010

Seasonic X-Series 750W: Potent for the Price

Seasonic recently released their latest foray into the retail PSU market, the X-Series with 80 Plus Gold certification. As one of the highest efficiency power supplies on the market...

38 by Martin Kaffei on 4/13/2010

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