We regularly get asked for opinions on what product is “best” for a certain use case. Naturally, what makes a product perfect for one user may not matter much at all to someone else. Recently I was asked for advice on gaming laptops, and as this is a common question it seemed a perfect fit for another “best xyz” guide. The Haswell and Richland launches are now behind us, supply of the new processors is sufficient, and we’ve also got a variety of new GPUs to consider. What’s the best gaming laptop your money can buy today? First you’ll need to decide just how much of your stash you’re willing to part with, and then you need to weigh other factors like size, performance...

Clevo's W110ER Now Available from Additional Vendors

We provided a full overview of Eurocom's Monster 1.0 last week. For the interested, the same Clevo W110ER chassis used in the Monster 1.0 is available with a variety...

22 by Jarred Walton on 5/2/2012

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