UFS 3.1

Samsung has kicked off mass production of its new, high-performance eUFS 3.1 storage modules. Designed primarily with high-end smartphones in mind, the embedded storage drives offer some of Samsung's fastest speeds yet, with read and write speeds similar to those of midrange SSDs for PCs. Initially, Samsung’s eUFS 3.1 family of devices will include a 512 GB drive rated for sequential read speeds of up to 2100 MB/s, sequential write speed up to 1200 MB/s, as well upwards of 100,000 IOPS and 70,000 IOPS for random reads and writes respectively. Eventually, the lineup will also gain 128 GB and 256 GB drives to address less expensive premium smartphones. Samsung does not disclose which of the new UFS 3.1 features are supported by its eUFS 3.1 512...

UFS 3.1 Storage Devices for Smartphones Unveiled by Kioxia & Western Digital

Less than a month after JEDEC published its UFS 3.1 specification, Kioxia and Western Digital have introduced their first UFS 3.1-compliant storage devices for smartphones. Samples of Kioxia’s UFS...

2 by Anton Shilov on 3/2/2020

Faster, Cheaper, Power Efficient UFS Storage: UFS 3.1 Spec Published

JEDEC has published its UFS 3.1 specification (aka JESD220E), which adds several performance, power, cost-cutting, and reliability-related features to the standard. The new capabilities promise to increase real-world device...

11 by Anton Shilov on 1/31/2020

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