09:35AM EDT - Hello all, we're live from Google's New York Pixel launch event. We're expecting Google to release the new Pixel 4 which Google hasn't quite been able to keep very secret this year. Alongside the phones, we're also expecting some other new hardware products.

09:35AM EDT - The briefing should start at 10am ET - in around 20 minutes time.

09:43AM EDT - What should we expect from the new Pixel 4? Early reports hint that Google will be introducing a new 90Hz screen to this year's models. Other changes naturally will be related to the camera system which will be upgraded. Will Google update the Pixels with a triple-camera system this year, or will we see the company go in another direction?

09:47AM EDT - The start seems to be delayed a bit - they're saying now it's starting in 20 minutes.

10:01AM EDT - Intro video starting.

10:03AM EDT - "Hearing from the people at Google who design and develop these products"

10:03AM EDT - "Providing a more helpful Google for you"

10:03AM EDT - New Pixel phones, laptops, and home devices

10:06AM EDT - Stadia - Bringing the best experience gaming on any screen.

10:06AM EDT - Stadia launches on November 19th.

10:07AM EDT - Taking a look at the new Pixel 4 motion controls.

10:08AM EDT - New wireless earbuds - video about their design and engineering.

10:08AM EDT - New Google Pixel Buds

10:09AM EDT - Hands-free access to Assistant with the new buds.

10:09AM EDT - Hands-free access to Assistant with the new buds.

10:09AM EDT - Regular "Hey Google" voice assistant interaction.

10:10AM EDT - Long range BT connection up to three rooms away. Entire football field outside range.

10:10AM EDT - "Excellent sound quality"

10:10AM EDT - 5 hours continous playback in a single charge. 24 hours with the wireless charging case.

10:11AM EDT - Flush with your ear without extending outside.

10:12AM EDT - In-ear design for better sound quality - but with a spatial vent to allow ambient sound. Essentially semi-closed design.

10:12AM EDT - In-ear design for better sound quality - but with a spatial vent to allow ambient sound. Essentially semi-closed design.

10:12AM EDT - Available Spring 2020 for $179

10:12AM EDT - Moving on to privacy.

10:13AM EDT - Enabling you more control over your privacy settings.

10:14AM EDT - Google operations have been carbon neutral since 2007. 100% renewable energy matching.

10:14AM EDT - Investing $150M into new renewable energy.

10:15AM EDT - Same amount of renewable energy as consumed by the manufacturing of Google products.

10:16AM EDT - Ivy Ross, Google's design lead, talking about Google's design methodology.

10:16AM EDT - "Design is about solving problems for people"

10:17AM EDT - "Today looking at sustainability in every aspect"

10:18AM EDT - All of the Nest products in 2019 are manufactured with recycled plastics.

10:19AM EDT - Google's offsetting 100% of the carbon footprint of product shipping.

10:19AM EDT - Reducing the amount of hardware need to buy.

10:20AM EDT - "Stadia consolidates devices so all you need a controller and a screen" - Yea but what about the datacenters?

10:21AM EDT - Talking about the design of the Stadia controller and its design iterations.

10:22AM EDT - "It needs to feel right for as many people as possible"

10:22AM EDT - New Pixel Book successor

10:23AM EDT - Bringing the experience to more people at a more affordable price.

10:23AM EDT - "Pixel Book Go"

10:23AM EDT - "Pixel Book Go"

10:24AM EDT - Body made out of magnesium.

10:24AM EDT - The specs flashed for a moment ; it looked like it was Core i3

10:25AM EDT - Moving on to Nest

10:26AM EDT - Talking about privacy commitements.

10:26AM EDT - Requiring partners to pass a security review before they can access your Nest devices.

10:28AM EDT - Introducing the Nest Mini for $49

10:29AM EDT - 1 TOPs dedicated machine learning inferencing chip in the Nest Mini.

10:30AM EDT - "Next Aware" available 2020

10:32AM EDT - Man the format of this presentation is awful - jumping from topic to topic.

10:32AM EDT - Talking about Nest Wifi now.

10:33AM EDT - Updated Mesh routers

10:34AM EDT - New Wifi Point integrates same functionality as the Nest Mini with assistant feature.

10:36AM EDT - Video about the Nest devices design and testing.

10:36AM EDT - Moving onto the Pixel 4

10:37AM EDT - Starting off with Project Soli radar technology.

10:37AM EDT - Started 5 years ago

10:38AM EDT - First smartphone with a radar sensor

10:38AM EDT - "Fastest face unlock in a smartphone"

10:38AM EDT - Motion sense can control the screen on/off based on your movement.

10:39AM EDT - Video about the Soli design process.

10:40AM EDT - Understanding the intention of your movement - trying to account of regular movements.

10:41AM EDT - Privacy is built in from the start. Motion sense can be turned off an on. All processing happens locally on your device.

10:42AM EDT - The new assistant has an on-device language model run locally - this vastly improves the speed and response time.

10:44AM EDT - New audio recorder that's able to live transcribe as it's recording.

10:44AM EDT - Search through your recordings with keyboards.

10:45AM EDT - It's all offline with no external connectivity.

10:45AM EDT - 90Hz display with dynamic switching for best battery life.

10:46AM EDT - Comes in 3 colours, White, Black and Orange.

10:47AM EDT - Starting at $799 for the regular Pixel 4.

10:48AM EDT - Wide & Telephoto - Google missed out on the ultra-wide camera trend this year which I think is going to be a mistake.

10:48AM EDT - Talking about computational photography. Doing less with hardware and more with code.

10:49AM EDT - HDR+ takes up to 9 burst shots.

10:50AM EDT - Talking about the telephoto lens and the zooming capabilities of both optic & super res zoom.

10:51AM EDT - Google thinks telephoto is more important than ultra-wide-angle - I think that's just wrong and Google is on the wrong path here.

10:52AM EDT - LiveHDR+ now showcases approximation of HDR+ in the live viewfinder.

10:52AM EDT - The viewfinder is now WYSIWYG.

10:53AM EDT - New dual-exposure setting feature for highlights and shadows for controlling exposure.

10:54AM EDT - Using ML white balance for all scenarios.

10:54AM EDT - New portrait mode.

10:54AM EDT - Computing depth from dual pixel PD as well as dual camera for better segmentation.

10:55AM EDT - New Night Sight improvements.

10:55AM EDT - Longer exposures and more of them.

10:56AM EDT - Semantic segmentation used for all modes.

10:59AM EDT - Promises of an improved Night Sight in the future with extended dynamic range well ahead of 19 f-stops.

11:00AM EDT - Testmondials from a professional photographer using the Pixel 3 for a year shooting various shots.

11:04AM EDT - Still going on explaining her camera experience and subjects.

11:06AM EDT - "Creating a single consistent experience across your home and on the go"

11:07AM EDT - Wrapping up the event. Thank you all for being here with us.

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  • yacoub35 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    So can we get a version of the Pixel 4 without the long-range BT, Soli radar, or 5G radio? Should cut quite a bit off the price and spare your body a ton of RF radiation.
    Save the fully-loaded Cancer Cluster edition for the suckers who want convenience over long-term health.
  • proflogic - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    There is no conclusive evidence that RF (or any other type of non-ionizing radiation) causes cancer. It *cannot* change DNA directly, but because some folks are concerned that heating water in the body can indirectly affect cancer rates, we keep seeing more and more studies looking for a needle in the haystack. If there is a link, it's extremely weak.
  • imaheadcase - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    Not a link at ALL, its just people hear word radiation and get panic mode. Which is what happens to everything people worry about without actual knowledge. Every article ever done on RF from actual scientists show this.

    I have no idea why yacoub35 is even bringing it up.
  • Alistair - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    He's ignorant. RF radiation is all around you. Heat and visible light is more energetic. For example cellphone radio waves have to be weak enough to cause less than 1 degree of warming on your skin. Guess what causes a lot more than that? Your lightbulbs, or the sun. Or the heater in your room which emits more infrared that that.

    I was laughing at a friend that uses an infrared heater (popular in Asia) and was afraid of cellphone "radiation" lol...
  • Alistair - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    Just a little aside, I'm kind of mad because I went to a strata meeting and there was a group of crazy people who blocked "fibre to the home" from being installed because it was the same company doing home internet as cellphone service, and they got all worked up about it, and blocked a WIRED home internet plan. The Definition of "nuts".
  • yacoub35 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    "New audio recorder that's able to live transcribe as it's recording"
    Are the recordings stored in the cloud by default or only on the local device? Privacy question for the alleged privacy champions at Google.
  • yacoub35 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    "It's all offline with no external connectivity."

    Yay, one thing they've done right!
  • yacoub35 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    Remember when flagship phones were $499 and $799 was "only for suckers/Apple fanboys"? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  • Ironchef3500 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

  • yacoub35 - Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - link

    Seems like a decent camera setup aside from the lack of a very wide aspect lens.

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