08:26PM EST - Intel's annual CES keynote is upon us. This week they have already announced Intel with Radeon RX Vega M graphics and reiterated their commitment to PCs that are always connected. It will be interesting to see what information Intel is going to announce.

08:27PM EST - We're sitting here almost an hour early, Intel is putting together a pre-keynote show with dancers and drones.

08:35PM EST - Brian Krzanich is set to take to the stage for most/all of the event

08:36PM EST - We expect Intel to give its 2018 vision, discussing the new products (Intel with Radeon), the usual product areas (Automotive, FPGAs, Deep Learning, Drones, 5G) and emerging news

08:39PM EST - I suspect a section of the keynote will focus on security.

08:40PM EST - Almost every CPU company or CPU system company has said something about Meltdown/Spectre in their presentations this week

08:52PM EST - News on the wire is that Intel has created a new Internal Security Group internally, pulling in certain high-profile executives from other departments.

09:01PM EST - http://www.oregonlive.com/silicon-forest/index.ssf/2018/01/intel_reorganizes_amid_fervor.html#incart_target2box_default_#incart_target2box_targeted_

09:22PM EST - 10 minutes ish to go. Starting with some pre-show entertainment using realsense

09:25PM EST - Now some drones flying up and down to hit notes on a keyboard on the ground

09:26PM EST - 'Experience The Power of Data'

09:27PM EST - Using Intel Movidius to use an 'air' drum kit. Using AI characters to play music

09:27PM EST - Using a piano to help direct the AI

09:32PM EST - Musicians in the future can use AI to help make music

09:33PM EST - Now tracking the movements of a dancer in 3D space using Intel sensors

09:33PM EST - Driving visual data in realtime

09:39PM EST - OK another couple of minutes until it starts

09:40PM EST - Here we go

09:40PM EST - Intro video about CES first

09:41PM EST - The tag line of CES this year is 'whoa'

09:41PM EST - President and CEO of CTA, Gary Shapiro, to the stage

09:41PM EST - Talking about inviting BK to the stage

09:43PM EST - 'Under BK's leadership, Intel has grown into emerging areas: VR, AI, Self-driving'

09:43PM EST - 'Driven by a single factor, the explosion of data'

09:43PM EST - Brian Krzanich to the stage

09:43PM EST - 'Our industry is about innovation'

09:44PM EST - Thanking the industry for coming to getting together about Meltdown/Spectre

09:44PM EST - 'Security is job number 1 for Intel and our industry'

09:44PM EST - 'No info that these exploits have been used to obtain customer data'

09:45PM EST - 'We recommend that users apply updates as soon as the vendor makes it available'

09:45PM EST - 90% of people covered within a week, the rest within the monht

09:45PM EST - some workloads will have a larger impact than otehrs

09:45PM EST - work with the industry to minimize the impact

09:45PM EST - When we come together, there are endless possibilities

09:46PM EST - Data is a resource

09:46PM EST - The driving force behind the technology revolution

09:46PM EST - Social and economic changes created by data that only happens once or twice a century

09:47PM EST - The story of Moore's Law has shaped every aspect of modern technology

09:47PM EST - Redefining how we experience life, work, school, sports, entertainment

09:47PM EST - Experiences that no-one has yet to imagine

09:48PM EST - Computing has become so powerful that we can now generate information capable of decision making

09:48PM EST - Almost everything tech generates data

09:48PM EST - Every email, picture, podcast, blog

09:48PM EST - All of it creates data

09:48PM EST - Today the cloud is filled with billions of bytes of data

09:48PM EST - Created a flood of data

09:49PM EST - By 2020 the average person will create 1.5 GB of data per day. 2x today

09:49PM EST - Autonomous car will generate 4TB per day

09:49PM EST - Connected aeroplane will do 40TB of data per day

09:49PM EST - Smart factory will do 1PB/day

09:49PM EST - Data has to be moved around at speed

09:50PM EST - Edge devices have to provide value

09:50PM EST - Data was formerly a static commodity

09:50PM EST - now it is the foundation of innovation

09:50PM EST - Today, AI and data is having a rush of breakthroughs

09:51PM EST - Robots, cars, art

09:51PM EST - Using data to create art

09:52PM EST - Using AI to advance the exploration of space, and data plays a critical role

09:52PM EST - Use powerful deep learning to complete surveys of planets and moons

09:52PM EST - Automate the creation of maps, used by autonomous rovers

09:52PM EST - In the future, crowd source the data

09:53PM EST - Every sector can reimagine data

09:53PM EST - showing technology that can impact the future

09:54PM EST - Experience: Immersive Media

09:54PM EST - One of the non-traditional roles of data is the creation of immersive media

09:54PM EST - advertising, education, medicine

09:54PM EST - Deliver the most realistic experiences possible

09:55PM EST - Creating and delivering the content is a massive data computing problem. We solve it at Intel

09:55PM EST - Blur the lines with volumetric video

09:56PM EST - Intel True VR

09:56PM EST - Transforming fan experiences at sports events

09:57PM EST - Output from cameras are stitched together in real time from multiple seats in the stadium

09:57PM EST - Intel True View

09:57PM EST - formerly Intel 3D

09:57PM EST - Uses dozens of 5K cameras around the viewing area

09:58PM EST - defines the area being mapped into voxels

09:58PM EST - Voxel = volumetric pixel

09:58PM EST - Moving from 2D to 3D

09:59PM EST - no longer recording a 2D image, you are recording a scene of voxels

09:59PM EST - get the user inside the space at any angle

10:00PM EST - Requires 3 TB per minute of data

10:00PM EST - Exploring immersive media

10:01PM EST - Introduced the world to an immersive way to see sports

10:01PM EST - Transporting the viewer to the experience

10:02PM EST - [video time]

10:03PM EST - Data will help to create context about the experience

10:03PM EST - No longer just passively watching

10:04PM EST - Intel is the official partner for the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea

10:04PM EST - All spectator moments become unforgettable experiences

10:04PM EST - Largest 5G demo at the olympic park

10:04PM EST - Broadcast live in VR

10:05PM EST - Fans don't just witness the moment, they experience it

10:05PM EST - Creating immersive content for viewers worldwide

10:07PM EST - Intel is the official VR experience partner provider for the Winter Olympics

10:07PM EST - 30 events live and on demand

10:07PM EST - Another video

10:10PM EST - Working with NBC Olympics

10:11PM EST - VR experiences at the Intel CES booth

10:11PM EST - Now eSports

10:11PM EST - fastest growing spectator sport in the world

10:11PM EST - Intel Core microarchitecture is the standard

10:11PM EST - Xeon processors convert the data to a single stream

10:11PM EST - A new standard for gaming

10:12PM EST - Standalone eSports with StarCraft 2 leading up to the olympic games

10:12PM EST - Announcing partner with Ferrari NA to bring VR to the Ferrari Race Challenge racing series

10:13PM EST - Object detection and recognition to see the race unfold

10:13PM EST - 30 minutes of video creates 4TB of data per camera. Uses Xeon to detect objects, transcode, and stream

10:13PM EST - Using AI to help drivers hone their skills

10:14PM EST - Data + Sports

10:15PM EST - On-stage example about watching sports with multiple streams

10:15PM EST - Watching the NFL

10:15PM EST - Data outside the VR heatset needs to be recorded as well

10:16PM EST - Using fantasy football data inside the same stream

10:16PM EST - 360-degree highlight videos

10:17PM EST - Using technology like Intel True View to appreciate athleticism

10:18PM EST - Using volumetric video to be the player on the field

10:18PM EST - 'Watching sports will never be the same again'

10:19PM EST - Tono Romo to the stage

10:19PM EST - (yes that one)

10:20PM EST - 'The first time you use True View blows you away'

10:20PM EST - 'Revolutionary'

10:21PM EST - Allows the viewer to see how super-atheticism is done

10:22PM EST - No-one else is compressing data, processing data, and broadcasting. It's pretty unique

10:22PM EST - Being the player makes it special

10:23PM EST - Now Intel Studios

10:23PM EST - 'Broadening the immersive media experience'

10:23PM EST - changing the way we think about filming and content creation

10:23PM EST - 'the future of media'

10:24PM EST - another video

10:24PM EST - 'Motion pictures has only seen a few technologies that can be seen as truly transformational'

10:25PM EST - Volumetric Video capture facility

10:26PM EST - Creating more immersive and interactive experiences

10:26PM EST - Finished the studio back in fall

10:26PM EST - Comparing the 2D and volumetric view

10:26PM EST - A western

10:27PM EST - Using 100 cameras

10:27PM EST - Now the same scene in volumetric view

10:27PM EST - petabytes of data

10:28PM EST - Impressive, but looks rough around the edges

10:28PM EST - Still a work in progress

10:29PM EST - Shot the scene only once, have all the data. Can recreate the scene from any point of view

10:29PM EST - Be the actor too

10:29PM EST - Have the view from the horse

10:30PM EST - Do the scene, look at it from any perspective

10:30PM EST - There's going to be non-traditional perspectives

10:30PM EST - A new standard of entertainment and technology

10:30PM EST - Announcing an exploratory partnership with Paramount Pictures

10:31PM EST - The future is really bright with features like volumetric filming

10:32PM EST - Advances in cinema have been about seeking new frontiers

10:32PM EST - Virtual and augmented reality is the next level in cinematography

10:33PM EST - Closer to reality than ever before

10:33PM EST - When you give filmmakers tools like this, their imagination is endless

10:33PM EST - Taking advantage of the tools to put audiences in the movie experience

10:34PM EST - Merging the real world with the virtual world

10:34PM EST - It extends to television, advertising, gaming

10:34PM EST - Immersive will be the new normal

10:35PM EST - Experiences with Sansar

10:35PM EST - first on Second Life, worked with Linden Labs

10:35PM EST - Using Intel WiGig for wireless HTC Vive VR

10:36PM EST - Mixing Second Life and VR - created the Intel CES booth in Sansar

10:36PM EST - Visit booths virtually

10:36PM EST - Live, social VR experience

10:37PM EST - Booth staff available to answer questions

10:37PM EST - Interactive demos

10:39PM EST - VR recreation of an original set of a film

10:40PM EST - `Built with imagination'

10:40PM EST - Thinking about the future of computing

10:40PM EST - A preview of where computing will go next

10:40PM EST - The rise of neuromorphic computing

10:40PM EST - Prototype chip, Lolihi

10:41PM EST - Neuromorphic uses the brain as a map, connecting neurons in a chip

10:41PM EST - Simulate the brain in silicon

10:41PM EST - Embedding the intelligence into silicon where it needs it

10:42PM EST - Filling out the extent of machine learning

10:42PM EST - Changes the connectivity of neurons

10:42PM EST - Online, at the edge, and low power

10:42PM EST - It's a hard problem, but Intel's scale and expertise can make a difference

10:43PM EST - *Loihi

10:43PM EST - >Looks like LGA115x

10:43PM EST - Have a fully functioning chip in the lab

10:43PM EST - After a few weeks, making simple object recognition

10:44PM EST - Quantum computing

10:44PM EST - Massively parallel that beat supercomputers easily

10:45PM EST - Modelling chemical interactions - with quantum computing, this process is drastically accelerated

10:45PM EST - Pushing the boundaries of quantum computing

10:45PM EST - Building full quantum computing systems

10:45PM EST - Showing the next step: a 49 qubit quantum chip

10:45PM EST - Pushes beyond the ability to simulate

10:46PM EST - Biggest impact in material science

10:47PM EST - Next step is where technology impacts society for the better

10:47PM EST - Intel committed to only conflict free materials in all processors four years ago

10:47PM EST - Now every Intel product is labelled conflict free

10:48PM EST - $300m over 5 years invested into Intel's workplace about diversity

10:48PM EST - Will reach full representation by the end of 2018

10:48PM EST - Continue to publish data on a regular cadence

10:49PM EST - Now safety and transportation

10:49PM EST - Data from autonomous cars

10:49PM EST - Studies estimate that 1.25 million lives could be saved

10:50PM EST - Or 157 hrous of commute time annually, and $150b in fuel costs for US

10:50PM EST - A platform to make autonomous cars a reality

10:50PM EST - It's about the technology and the safety

10:50PM EST - Co-founder of Mobileye to the stage

10:51PM EST - Car on stage

10:51PM EST - Announcing one of a 100 fleet of autonomous cars

10:52PM EST - 12 cameras, cocoon of lasers, radars, lidars. Using mobileye chips and Atom chips

10:53PM EST - Radars and lidars for redundancy

10:53PM EST - Building trust between consumers and vehicles

10:53PM EST - Sensing, Mapping, Driving Policy, Regulation

10:53PM EST - 24M mobileye based driver assist vehicles

10:54PM EST - 9m in 2017

10:54PM EST - 30 design wins with 27 car makers

10:54PM EST - 15 production programs in 2018

10:54PM EST - an architecture of computing that processes the raw sensor signals

10:55PM EST - advanced driving policy software with reinforcement learning software

10:55PM EST - high definition maps so nothing of value is missed by the system

10:55PM EST - rapid development - chips and software

10:55PM EST - EYEQ5 and Intel Atom

10:56PM EST - 24 TOPS at 10W for EYEQ5

10:56PM EST - Different cores for different workloads

10:56PM EST - Every watt helps

10:56PM EST - Level 4 Partners with SAIC Motor, the largest car maker in China

10:57PM EST - Creating high definition location maps is data intensive. Crowd sourcing is the only way

10:57PM EST - 10KB per km

10:58PM EST - Send over wireless

10:58PM EST - 'Road Experience Management' - REM

10:58PM EST - Accuracy to cm

10:59PM EST - Cars from VW, BMW, Nissan will be REM enabled in 2018

10:59PM EST - Formulating common sense to make driving policy

11:00PM EST - BK will be inviting press to take a trip in the latest autonomous car

11:01PM EST - Now using flying cars to reimaging data - autonomous air taxi

11:01PM EST - closer than you think

11:01PM EST - Technology already exists today

11:02PM EST - >Now watching a video of BK in an air taxi about 4 ft off the ground.

11:03PM EST - CEO of Volocopter to the stage

11:05PM EST - First autonomous taxi flight in Dubai

11:05PM EST - Will soon offer it as a service in major cities around the world (pending approval)

11:05PM EST - 'Who wouldn't like to fly across a city'

11:06PM EST - To fly at this scale, need batteries with super high energy density

11:06PM EST - Volocopter on stage

11:07PM EST - Behind a lot of shielding

11:07PM EST - going to fly

11:08PM EST - On display at LVCC

11:09PM EST - Now more technology

11:09PM EST - 'We see a future where technology makes the world a better place'

11:09PM EST - Technology is enabled by data

11:10PM EST - can also be small devices - a new drone

11:10PM EST - The Shooting Star Mini

11:10PM EST - New hardware design

11:10PM EST - Fully automatable

11:10PM EST - 100 drones by one pilot

11:11PM EST - Cue the Black Mirror moment as 100 drones take to the stage

11:14PM EST - A drone laser show, making shapes and things with flashing LEDs

11:14PM EST - 100 mini drones actually makes a lot of fan noise

11:14PM EST - even with a pounding bass line

11:15PM EST - Worlds first 100-drone indoor flight show without GPS

11:16PM EST - Bellagio Fountain drone show this week

11:16PM EST - That's a wrap. Nothing mentioned about 10nm...?

11:16PM EST - .

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  • Bullwinkle-J-Moose - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Hey Brian,
    Is it time to buy or sell Intel Stock?
  • III-V - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    This Meltdown and Specter thing is so incredibly overblown. Can't wait for this nonsense to blow over so I can get some real news in my feed.
  • Bullwinkle-J-Moose - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    "This Meltdown and Specter thing is so incredibly overblown. Can't wait for this nonsense to blow over so I can get some real news in my feed."
    Good response Brian!
  • Bullwinkle-J-Moose - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    A better response when taking the stage might be.....

    "Look, I'm not here to preach....
    We Fucked up!
    So, I'll just be taking your questions now"
  • III-V - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - link

    You sound a little butthurt :)
  • 69369369 - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - link

    You sound like a shill :)
  • Hifihedgehog - Thursday, January 11, 2018 - link

    Note to self: "III-V" is Brian Krzanich's puppet astroturfing account.
  • dwade123 - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Those 1% performance loss! Switch over to Ryzen today and lose even more performance.
  • Zingam - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - link

    Grow up, Gamerkids! When the overall performance increase over the last 5 years is less than 5% or sometimes it is even negative 1% decrease in performance can be huge. Maybe not on your lame $3000 desktop but on a data center that costs billions. Nobody really knows the true cost of this "feature". Researchers point out any numbers between 5% and 50% performance loss. Who knows what that might mean a couple of dropped frames or maybe stuttering. But that is not the important thing - security is what is most troubling and that this site is full of lame gamers!
  • edzieba - Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - link

    "When the overall performance increase over the last 5 years is less than 5% or sometimes it is even negative 1% decrease in performance can be huge."

    Well then thank goodness this is not the case in reality. Unless you're a 'gamerkid' and only look at average FPS charts in a GPU-unconstrained situation, performance has continued to increase (as can be seen by looking at the Anandtech Bench link at the top of the page).

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