System integrators are there to offer users who don’t want to build their own system a way of getting a machine they can use for work or play. One of the benefits of using a system integrator to build your new system, and ultimately the additional cost of using this service, usually comes down to additional validation, checks, and the promise of a refined system from engineers that can build them in their sleep. One of the biggest markets in recent quarters is the creator market, and demand for workstations to help accelerate creative workflows is supposedly rising – on the back of this, MAINGEAR is launching its new configurable Pro WS range of workstations, complete with optimized builds for popular creative hardware.

4K/8K content creation, either on video, for animation, in modelling/CAD, or other areas such as the scientific verticals of oil/gas or financial markets, are all areas that require computational horsepower. Usually the more you have, the quicker a project can be completed. In a lot of cases if it can be GPU accelerated, having more than just a quick CPU is beneficial. If the hardware can be optimized for the software in question, such as the Adobe suite, CAD, Blender, Keyshot, etc, then all the better. Maingear promotes that it’s new Pro WS systems are recommended by Luxion, the makers of Keyshot.

The new WS designs come with a standard Fractal Design R6 Blackout case but almost everything in it can be configured, with Maingear offering up to an Intel Core i9-10980XE or AMD Threadripper 3990X, up to 256 GB of memory, up to 72 TB of storage, Windows 10, and optional Thunderbolt 3 support. Users can select up to four high-end graphics cards, including Titan RTX/Quadro or Radeon/Radeon Pro, to which Maingear will assist in designing the appropriate cooling around the configuration.

Storage options are likely to include an array of fast NVMe drives, along with high capacity mechanical storage. Networking similarly so, with some designs natively supporting multi-gigabit Ethernet speeds. Users can request customized artworks and logos for the chassis, another key element to system integrator offerings. For designs studios looking to refurbish their workflow with a unified design and company logos, this is an optional extra.

One of the images that Maingear sent us shows the use of Intel’s Optane DC Persistent Memory, and we were slightly confused as those modules require Intel Xeon Scalable hardware in order to operate. In fact, all of the stock images are of an LGA3647 system, which Maingear didn't list in the specifications section of its press release. It appears that in the fine print of the press release that Maingear will offer ECC-enabled processors and Optane-supported processors at some point in the future, however for now only Intel/AMD high-end desktop options are available.

Maingear promises that its systems will be 100% bloatware free, with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro on each machine. Users will still have to arrange their own licences for the various software packages they are interested in, as Maingear assumes that its customers will already have a workflow in place and need better systems for that workflow.

The MAINGEAR Pro WS systems will start today at retail from $1999, with options to select pre-configured designs for popular software – Keyshot, Adobe, Davinci, 2D/3D, CAD, and data science. All Pro WS systems come with lifetime service from MAINGEAR’s support team.


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