03:24PM EDT - Now thats a wrap

03:20PM EDT - After a performance by The Weekend

03:19PM EDT - And that's a wrap. We're going to go see the rest of the conference

03:19PM EDT - Very Beats 1-centric

03:17PM EDT - Apple Musc ad rolling

03:17PM EDT - Back to Tim

03:17PM EDT - Covers up to 6 accounts

03:17PM EDT - Family accounts for $14.99

03:17PM EDT - First 3 months are free

03:16PM EDT - $9.99/month

03:16PM EDT - iOS, Windows, and late this fall Android

03:16PM EDT - Launching in 100+ countries later this month

03:15PM EDT - And that is Apple Music

03:15PM EDT - (Siri picked the wrong Selma the first time)

03:14PM EDT - Including historial charts

03:14PM EDT - Able to play from the top song charts

03:13PM EDT - Demoing Siri's music abilities

03:10PM EDT - Demo reel

03:10PM EDT - Beats 1

03:09PM EDT - HD Music Videos as well. Ad-free

03:09PM EDT - Charts, latest singles, etc

03:09PM EDT - Continuing to demo music

03:07PM EDT - Showing music recommendations

03:06PM EDT - Custom playlist artwork

03:06PM EDT - Accessing other works from the playing artist

03:04PM EDT - Showing the new UI for the music app

03:04PM EDT - Demo time

03:04PM EDT - Happy birthday for Phil Schiller

03:04PM EDT - Drake has left the stage. Back to Eddy

03:01PM EDT - Now on stage: Drake

03:00PM EDT - Artists can post material (pictures, text, etc) as they see fit

03:00PM EDT - Looks very Twitter-ish

03:00PM EDT - Artist Connect

02:59PM EDT - Broadcast from NYC, LA, and London

02:58PM EDT - Radio station: Beats 1

02:56PM EDT - Recommendations made by real people

02:56PM EDT - For You, recommended music

02:56PM EDT - My Music, can search and stream the iTunes library

02:55PM EDT - Now on stage: Eddy Cue

02:54PM EDT - 3) Connecting fans with artists

02:53PM EDT - 2) 24/7 radio station

02:53PM EDT - Algorithms aren't good enough, need a human touch

02:52PM EDT - Apple music is 3 things: Revolutionary music service (got an unexpected laugh from the audience)

02:52PM EDT - "All the ways you love music. All in one place"

02:51PM EDT - (This presumably is what Apple wanted Beats for)

02:51PM EDT - Apple launching their own online 24 hour radio station

02:50PM EDT - iTunes Radio reborn

02:49PM EDT - Another video

02:49PM EDT - Listing all of the different streaming services

02:48PM EDT - "2015, music industry is a fragmented mess"

02:47PM EDT - Now on stage: Jimmy Iovine

02:46PM EDT - "The next chapter in musc"

02:46PM EDT - Apple Music

02:46PM EDT - (Mild irony here. Apple's original settlement with Apple Records/The Beatles was that they had to stay away from music)

02:45PM EDT - Starting iwith a video on the history of music

02:45PM EDT - Music

02:44PM EDT - One more thing

02:44PM EDT - Recapping the OS announcements

02:44PM EDT - Tim's back

02:43PM EDT - Releases this fall

02:43PM EDT - WatchOS 2 dev beta today

02:43PM EDT - (I'm curious what the battery life hit will be from some of these features)

02:42PM EDT - Digital crown usage

02:42PM EDT - Time travel, email reply

02:38PM EDT - Demo time

02:38PM EDT - And of course, Digital Crown acess

02:38PM EDT - Taptic engine control

02:37PM EDT - Devs can also access the accelerometer

02:37PM EDT - Native HomeKit support

02:37PM EDT - Short video on the Watch

02:36PM EDT - Devs can now access Watch microphone and speaker

02:36PM EDT - Apps can use WiFi

02:36PM EDT - Native apps mean all UI and logic is on the Watch

02:35PM EDT - Discussing WatchKit and how the logic runs on the phone

02:35PM EDT - Now for developer WatchOS news

02:35PM EDT - Watch/Sii also gets HomeKit control

02:34PM EDT - And Transit support

02:34PM EDT - Watch gets Wallet, of course

02:33PM EDT - Achievements

02:33PM EDT - Siri is getting workout support

02:33PM EDT - Fitness apps can run natively on the watch

02:32PM EDT - Facetime Audio support coming

02:32PM EDT - Reply to email from Watch

02:32PM EDT - Now can have groups of friends

02:31PM EDT - Communication update

02:31PM EDT - Nightstand clock mode when it's on its side charging

02:31PM EDT - Nightstand mode

02:31PM EDT - "Flux Capacitor sold seperately"

02:30PM EDT - Show past/future calendar appointments, etc

02:30PM EDT - Time Travel: look at inforation forward and backward in time

02:29PM EDT - Complications are additional bits of information from other apps

02:29PM EDT - App developers can now make their own compliations

02:28PM EDT - (No word on Poker Face)

02:28PM EDT - Photo face

02:27PM EDT - New timepieces

02:27PM EDT - WatchOS 2

02:27PM EDT - Kevin Lynch of Apple to now present new WatchOS

02:27PM EDT - (Watch OS 1.0: Osborned in 6 weeks)

02:26PM EDT - Give developers freedom, see what thye do

02:26PM EDT - Current apps are pretty reliant on the iPhone

02:26PM EDT - Bringing native apps to the watch

02:26PM EDT - WatchOS update

02:25PM EDT - (The fact that there's so much revenue in the iOS ecosystem is no small part of the reason there are so many happy developers here)

02:19PM EDT - Highlighting the progress of the App Store

02:19PM EDT - Video time

02:18PM EDT - Paid out $30B to developers

02:18PM EDT - (Angry Birds for every man, woman, and child, 13 times over)

02:17PM EDT - 100 billion app downloads

02:17PM EDT - App Store Update

02:17PM EDT - Apple banking hard on Swift across entire product lineup

02:16PM EDT - (Swift license wasn't mentioned, but Apple does have their own open source license type)

02:16PM EDT - )Apple still sells A5 devices, so they have to support A5 for a while longer)

02:15PM EDT - Will support all of the devices iOS 8 supported

02:15PM EDT - Final version in the fall

02:15PM EDT - Public beta of iOS 9 in July

02:15PM EDT - Developer beta today

02:15PM EDT - Compiler and standard libraries for iOS, OS X, and Linux

02:15PM EDT - (Seriously, it's really loud in here)

02:14PM EDT - (Developers go wild)

02:14PM EDT - Swift is going open source

02:14PM EDT - Want to eee 20 years of Swift

02:14PM EDT - Protocol extensions

02:13PM EDT - Whole Module Optimization

02:13PM EDT - Swift 2

02:13PM EDT - Next up: Swift

02:12PM EDT - CarPlay: adds support for apps by the automarker

02:12PM EDT - Can access HomeKit remotely via iCloud

02:12PM EDT - HomeKit: support for security systems, carbon monoxide sensors, etc

02:11PM EDT - Healthkit updated, new metrics

02:11PM EDT - ReplayKit: record and share video (ala NVIDIA ShadowPlay)

02:11PM EDT - App thinning to get app size down

02:10PM EDT - UI testing in Xcode

02:10PM EDT - Dev recap

02:10PM EDT - Recap time

02:10PM EDT - Lack of free space was a common issue on iOS 8 (espeially on most common 16GB SKUs)

02:10PM EDT - Need just 1.3GB of free space to get to iOS 9

02:09PM EDT - New OTA update changes

02:09PM EDT - Adds ~3 hours to battery life

02:09PM EDT - New low-power mode

02:08PM EDT - Seeing 1 hour increased battery life on iPhone

02:08PM EDT - Refocusing on battery life

02:08PM EDT - Core Graphics and Core Animation now Metal-ized on iOS as well

02:08PM EDT - Slideover supports A7 devices and newer

02:07PM EDT - Need iPad Air 2 for split-view

02:07PM EDT - Existing auto layout and size classes do most of the work

02:07PM EDT - Will be new developer APIs

02:06PM EDT - That's multitasking

02:06PM EDT - WatchESPN in a small window over Mail.app

02:06PM EDT - Also new: picture-in-picture

02:05PM EDT - (2GB of RAM doesn't feel so big anymore)

02:05PM EDT - Slide the split over entirely to go back to monolithic

02:04PM EDT - Adjustable split

02:04PM EDT - Opening a new primary app keeps the seconday app on the side

02:03PM EDT - Multi-app, multi-touch

02:03PM EDT - Called Split View

02:03PM EDT - Safari next to notes, etc

02:03PM EDT - Side-by-side applications

02:03PM EDT - Very Aero-3D like

02:02PM EDT - New task switcher on iPad

02:02PM EDT - Demo time

02:02PM EDT - Multitasking

02:02PM EDT - Physical keyboard improvements. Shortcuts for app switching, guide that shows shortcuts, etc

02:01PM EDT - Showing using two-fingers to select, copy, and paste text

02:01PM EDT - Two fingers down can now be used as a trackpad

02:01PM EDT - Added new features to shortcut bar

02:00PM EDT - (not to be confused with Quicktime)

02:00PM EDT - Quicktype Keyboard

02:00PM EDT - Switching gears to iPad

02:00PM EDT - Rolling out in the US, UK, and Australia

01:59PM EDT - News will be open to anyone who wants to publish to it

01:59PM EDT - New York Times will give 30 free articles/day for News users

01:59PM EDT - Once again hammering home privacy

01:58PM EDT - That's News

01:58PM EDT - Continuing to demo form and eye candy of News

01:57PM EDT - Can search for topics. Example: Swift (Apple, not Taylor)

01:56PM EDT - News keeps track of over 1 million topics

01:56PM EDT - Not seeing any ads...

01:56PM EDT - ESPN. Photos and videos built in

01:55PM EDT - Animations as well

01:54PM EDT - Focuing on rich typography and images; form

01:54PM EDT - I'm told this is very similar to Flipboard

01:53PM EDT - (Sadly no AnandTech listed)

01:53PM EDT - Selecting her sources

01:53PM EDT - Demoing News

01:53PM EDT - Now on stage: Susan Prescott of Apple

01:52PM EDT - News content sourced from other sources, customized for the reader

01:52PM EDT - New app: News

01:51PM EDT - Transit can also tell you if Apple Pay is supported

01:51PM EDT - Sounds like a major push for Apple, especially in China

01:51PM EDT - Transit starting in major cities

01:51PM EDT - Siri knows transit

01:50PM EDT - Step-by-step directions, including walking and time for each step

01:49PM EDT - Buses, trains, & more

01:49PM EDT - New public transit map

01:49PM EDT - 3.5x higher usage than next-leading mapping app

01:49PM EDT - Up next: Maps

01:48PM EDT - Coming to all devices, iOS and Mac

01:48PM EDT - (Notes is increasingly turning into a full-fledged word processor)

01:47PM EDT - Formatting toolbar, checklists, pictures

01:47PM EDT - Notes has new features

01:47PM EDT - Now up: improvements to Apple's iOS 9 apps

01:46PM EDT - It is now Wallet

01:46PM EDT - Passbook is getting renamed

01:45PM EDT - Ability to add store loyalty cards

01:45PM EDT - New iOS 9 features for Apple Pay

01:45PM EDT - London transportation system will also support Apple Pay

01:45PM EDT - 250K locations in the UK

01:44PM EDT - Will support 70% of credit/debit cards in the UK

01:44PM EDT - Laucnhing with 8 banks

01:44PM EDT - Coming in July

01:44PM EDT - Apple Pay coming to the UK

01:43PM EDT - Now discussing Apply Pay support in apps

01:43PM EDT - 1 million locations supporting Apple Pay next month

01:42PM EDT - Square is lauching a new reader with Apple Pay support

01:42PM EDT - Apple Pay support at both NBA Finals arenas

01:42PM EDT - Including JC Penny's and Basin Robins

01:42PM EDT - Focusing on getting more merchants on-board

01:41PM EDT - Up next: Apple Pay

01:41PM EDT - Apple doesn't want to be in the business of selling info

01:40PM EDT - A shot across the bow of Google

01:40PM EDT - Anonymous, not associated with Apple ID, not linked to other Apple services, not shared with 3rd parties

01:40PM EDT - Privacy

01:40PM EDT - Reminder from Siri that it's time to leave

01:39PM EDT - "Show my karaoke photos of Eddie"

01:39PM EDT - Apple is increasingly in competition with Google here with searching and results

01:38PM EDT - Conversions in search

01:38PM EDT - Searching for potatos. Results from Yumly

01:37PM EDT - Siri is making suggestions based on location and what the presenter has been up to

01:37PM EDT - Now in kitchen

01:36PM EDT - Suggested music is high-energy for working out

01:36PM EDT - Scenario: plugging in headphones in home gym

01:35PM EDT - Showing new Siri features

01:34PM EDT - Demo time

01:34PM EDT - Applications can have system search include searching said apps, goes right to the app if you follow the result

01:34PM EDT - "Cards" for search results

01:33PM EDT - There is now an API for search

01:33PM EDT - Location-aware search and features

01:33PM EDT - Also discussing guessing at identies of unknown callers based on your activity

01:32PM EDT - A highly predictive system, basicly

01:32PM EDT - Audiobooks in the car, etc

01:32PM EDT - Example: launch Now Playing on the lock screen when headphones are in

01:31PM EDT - Bringing proactivity to the OS

01:31PM EDT - Location-aware reminders as well

01:31PM EDT - Reminder support

01:30PM EDT - New commands

01:30PM EDT - New Siri UI for IOS9

01:30PM EDT - 40% reduction in Siri word error rate. Overall error rate is down to 5%

01:30PM EDT - First theme: Intelligence & Siri

01:29PM EDT - Foundational update

01:29PM EDT - Talking about adoption rate. Usual barbs thrown at competitors

01:28PM EDT - Shifting gears to iOS

01:28PM EDT - RTM and free update in the fall

01:28PM EDT - Public beta in July

01:28PM EDT - El Capitan dev betay today

01:28PM EDT - Evan Autodesk is on-board

01:27PM EDT - Fortnite this fall

01:27PM EDT - No idea yet on what features are exposed on OS X Metal though; if they expose the full capabilities of Kepler/GCN hardware

01:26PM EDT - Going with Metal may get them moving more quickly, at the cost of being proprietary

01:26PM EDT - Apple has been one of OpeenGL's big supporters, but they have also been slow to support newer versions

01:25PM EDT - Now demoing Fortnite

01:25PM EDT - 70% reduction in CPU use versus OpenGL (no details provided)

01:25PM EDT - All real time of course

01:24PM EDT - 64 layers of rendering effects

01:24PM EDT - Fortnite running on Metal

01:23PM EDT - Now on stage to demo Metal: Epic Games

01:23PM EDT - Adobe is going to adopt Metal for Creative Cloud applications

01:23PM EDT - This is not unexpected, though I'm curious whether they will eventually support OpenGL Vulkan

01:22PM EDT - CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation will run on Metal

01:22PM EDT - Apple's low-level API is coming to the Mac

01:21PM EDT - Metal coming to OS X

01:21PM EDT - 4x PDF preview perf improvement

01:21PM EDT - Performance

01:20PM EDT - Recapping it all

01:20PM EDT - New notes app

01:20PM EDT - Back to spotlight

01:19PM EDT - Can change the ratio between halves

01:19PM EDT - Expose side-by-side windows. Aka Windows Snap

01:18PM EDT - Hiding/retrieving windows as well

01:18PM EDT - Windows within a full screen application

01:17PM EDT - Mission Control updates

01:17PM EDT - Next up: window management

01:16PM EDT - Also showing new spotlight mail

01:16PM EDT - Weather. Sports. Etc

01:16PM EDT - Using it to showcase Siri-like features

01:15PM EDT - Spotlight: using it

01:15PM EDT - Indicator to tell you which tab is playing audio

01:14PM EDT - Pinning sites in Safari

01:14PM EDT - New gestures. Swiping in mail

01:13PM EDT - Demo time

01:13PM EDT - OS X El Capitan

01:13PM EDT - Jokes about finding a new name

01:12PM EDT - Fastest adoption rate of any desktop OS ever

01:11PM EDT - Craig Federighi just came on stage

01:11PM EDT - OS X presentation time

01:11PM EDT - Tim Cook just announced native app support is coming to Apple Watch

01:10PM EDT - (Struggling with WiFI)

01:07PM EDT - The real Tim Cook has taken the stage. Talking about stats relating to WWDC attendees.

01:03PM EDT - Tim Cook look-alikes

01:02PM EDT - Intro video/skit with David LeGray

12:58PM EDT - However services are another story, especially with the iTunes Store

12:58PM EDT - Will we see new hardware? It's hard to say, but for WWDC, most likely not

12:55PM EDT - Traditinally Apple announces their next desktop and mobile OSes here. We're expecting the same here

12:51PM EDT - And with Apple's popularity it is now a huge event

12:51PM EDT - WWDC is of course Apple's annual developer conference

12:50PM EDT - WWDC is of course Apple's annual developer conference

12:48PM EDT - Ryan's on the keys, while Brandon is on the (virtual) camera

12:47PM EDT - We're here at Moscone West at Apple's 2015 WWDC keynote

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  • tipoo - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link


  • Steveymoo - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    *Makes jibe about not selling data* - *Starts talking about Apple pay straight after, a service that charges a commission on everything you buy.*
  • Deelron - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    One is payment processing, the other is personal data. If you can't tell the difference you might be tilting at windmills.
  • Shadowmaster625 - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    OpeenGL? Has someone been thinking too long or too hard about Tim Cook?
  • kspirit - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    Passbook is now Wallet and Wallet is now Google Pay.

    Not confusing at all.
  • TristanSDX - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    No 8'K displays :(
  • tipoo - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    I'm wondering, since both OSX and iOS will now use Metal to accelerate built in apps, what will go on with older devices. Some of the iDevices that are compatible with iOS8 already can't use Metal (a5), I wonder if the same will be true with OSX 10.11 compatible macs.
  • jwcalla - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link


    The fracturing of the rendering APIs in the tech space is really disillusioning. As it is now Metal is an even more closed API than DirectX, since it is dependent on Apple's drivers (i.e., it's not implemented in the vendor drivers like DX is). It's politically-motivated. It's platform lock-in. It's depressing.

  • mmrezaie - Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - link

    Don't worry it's just apple. If they actually do something open you should be worried.
  • star-affinity - Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - link

    You mean like making their programming language Swift open source?

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